What People Are Saying about Melissa A Jones, a Florida Realtor:

5/1/16 Sandra G., Miami, FL “Melissa sold me my very first condo. As a first time home buyer, I was very nervous, luckily I was put at ease. Thanks to her and the lending company she works with, the transaction moved along quickly.”

4/29/2016 Omar B., Pompano Beach, FL – “Melissa was awesome throughout our home buying journey! We would definitely recommend her to anyone!!”

4/29/16 Howard V., Fort Lauderdale, FL“My team and I have worked with Melissa Jones for a number of years, and I can’t tell you how   many happy homeowners are out there because of her efforts.  She truly goes above and beyond to make sure her customers are not only happy but thrilled with her services.  I have seen very few Realtors who take care of their customers like Melissa Jones.”

3/25/16 Jennifer M., Fort Lauderdale, FL “Even though I haven’t purchased my home as of yet. Melissa was very helpful and knowledgeable. I cant wait to try buying my first home again this summer.  See ya soon Melissa”

3/21/16 Lisa A., Fort Lauderdale, FL “Very helpful and knowledgeable. Good managing skills, energetic.”

3/15/16 Michelle S., Pompano Beach, FL“Melissa is a great agent to work with!  Her level of knowledge of the Real Estate market is exceptional and she is highly professional.  I would recommend Melissa to anyone looking to buy or sell Real Estate in South Florida.”

3/10/16 Joan G., Fort Lauderdale, FL“Melissa went above and beyond to ensure that we got the house that we wanted!  I recommend her to anyone I know who is looking to buy a house, especially first time home-buyers. She is very knowledgeable and accessible and just great at what she does!”

3/3/16 Boss T., Fort Lauderdale, FL “Melissa, thank you for your Great service and being an outstanding individual.”

3/3/16 Jennifer M., Fort Lauderdale, FL“It was a pleasure working with Melissa. She is very knowledgeable. She knew exactly what we were looking for. Partnership worth making! thanks, Melissa”

3/1/16 Cathy L., Lexington, SC “Most knowledgeable RE agent I know. She’ll figure it out for you!”

2/17/16 Margaret H., Fort Lauderdale, FL“I have known Melissa Jones both personally and professionally for about five years. She is a true professional, very knowleable and always willing to  give 100% to her clients. I assisted her with  the Client Appreciation Party and it was a great success.

11/12/15 Stefanie S., Hollywood, FL – “I just helped Melissa plan her Client Appreciation event at Bokampers and I must say Melissa is such an awesome person. The clients that she had show up you could tell just adore her. Melissa is such a wonderful realtor. Make sure you use her when you want to buy your next home!”

11/10/15 Missed B., Hollywood, FL“I worked with Melissa on buying my home earlier this year. She is absolutely awesome! She listens to your detail request for your next home and she makes sure she shows you exactly what you are looking for. Through great communication, she understands what you are looking for and doesn’t waste your time. She is on your side, doesn’t try selling you something just to make money and tries to get you the best deal. She even shows you property well beneath your budget providing it meets your criteria. I definitely would recommend her!”

9/1/15 Brad S., Hollywood, FL“Melissa is a thoughtful and caring realtor who is also extremely knowledgeable, which is a rare combination.  We work with many agents and find Melissa to be one of the best.”

8/8/15 Dawn H., Fort Lauderdale, FL“Melissa Jones is more than just an amazing realator she has become a friend ! She is extremely knowledgeable,  friendly , hands on and always  goes above and beyond just finding you a place to live.   I would definitely  recommend  her to anyone that is looking to buy or even just rent a place they  can call home .  We are beyond satisfied  with her work !!! Thank you for being awesome”

8/7/15 Tiana S., Fort Lauderdale, FL – “I love working with Melissa who is truly the Best Realtor Ever!! She is so attentive to individual needs which saves time and gets you what you want right away instead of wasting time looking at what you can’t afford. Great negotiation skills ensure the best possible deal every time! I am proud to refer her to everyone looking for Real Estate help!”

7/17/15 Gregg H., Pittsboro, NC “Melissa Jones is a top quality real estate agent, who puts her client’s needs first. She is a great negotiator, and brings home the best deals for her customers every time. If you’re looking for the best agent, look no further. Get Melissa Jones on your team right away!”

7/11/15 Don D., Henderson, NV “Melissa is a very courteous and punctual individual. She actually listens to what you need and does not waste any time in viewing items with you that don’t pertain to your needs. I would highly recommend her.”

4/27/15 Tom C., Fort Lauderdale, FL “Unfortunately, I was going through a tough time in my life a few years back. Symptomatic to my problem was my rental property. I had deadbeat tenants, I was behind on the mortgage, delinquent on my taxes, and was too busy focused on more pressing issues. I met Melissa through my brother who was desperately trying to find a home of his own. Melissa was able to persuade the tenants to move out without destroying my property further, worked very very hard with the bank to get a deal to save my home and ultimately found my brother a home even though banks were being a pain in “the you know what”. Melissa made a very bad situation a whole lot better by easing that burden for my family. Melissa treated us like family even though I was being very difficult with her and she never gave up. A family rarely needs a realtor so if you ever need one, choose Melissa.”

4/20/15 Jim B., Fort Lauderdale, FL – “We met Melissa by accident and I’m so glad we did. She was a Godsend. She was so patient with us. She was extremely helpful with all the condo rules and the “senior’s only” rules. Without her we would have been lost. Melissa stuck with us through the whole process even knowing she wasn’t going to make a lot of money on the deal. As a matter of fact many other real estate agents wouldn’t even help us once they found out we were buying a cheap condo and their commission would be low. If you read this Melissa, thanks and God bless you. I pray you get many great clients and they are easier than we were. :-)”

4/19/15 Alex G., Boca Raton, FL “In relation to dealing with anything about real state my life is split in two like this: before and after Melissa Jones! Before Melissa Jones: even thinking about buying/selling a house was pure anxiety and endless struggle and sleep hours lost, and dealing with real estate agents was not so good… After Melissa Jones: I can’t wait to buy my next house because I know it will be a straightforward process, and I’ll be guided with care and knowledge, and I’ll feel well all the time. No mistake. It is like dealing with this matter was like getting sick and Melissa Jones is the right medicine… Do you want somebody that will help you the right way? You can count on Melissa Jones!”

4/19/15 Mark B., Big Rapids, MI“The wonderful services extended by Ms. Jones is unparalleled in my experience as a Real Estate investor.  I would highly recommend her to any who demand expertise, dedication and the willingness to “get the job done!”

4/19/15 Brittany S., Oakland Park, FL – “Melissa Jones is an excellent real estate agent and helped us throughout the whole process when we bought our first home! I would definitely recommend her!”

4/19/15 Candy J., Fort Lauderdale, FL “There is no one else out there who will work harder for you. She is efficient, tough, and doesn’t except defeat. If she cant get what you want no one can.”

4/17/15 B.A., Tamarac, FL“Melissa Jones is very professional and friendly. I would recommend her to my family and friends. She made buying a house a very easy process, I would definitely use her again as my agent.”

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Jimmy Rivera 5 stars
Heather Kopecek 5 stars
Sarah Jones 5 stars
Corri Redburn 5 stars
Cindy Gengler 5 stars
Jennifer Johnston 5 stars
Jason Peet 5 stars